Queen Of Petty London Darling (an hour after we published the story…gave exclusive hints. On her Tumblr™ the end could be in store.) After weeks of dancing around it, @LDizzyXO might’ve just CONFIRMED the news!!!Instagram-Logo-800x450

Did London Darling’s T-Shirt just break the departure news?!?! Seen below the recording artist sports a questionable “statement tee” leaving fans buzzing!!! The photos came from LDIzzyXO™ originally. tumblr_ov3rnvWVab1wytefzo1_1280.pngNo makeup, just subliminal messages? The quote “Pretty in a casket.” accompanied by the R.I.P backpack has left us at Just Darling™ Gossip scratching our collective heads. Is this a direct connection to @LDizzyXO leaving the IG social media platform? Only time will tell, but it looks like those days on Instagram™ are numbered. Leaked documents came out last night, indicating the IMVU celebrity is trying hard to find a peaceful way to terminate the account. Reasons still unknown as to why this is even on the chopping block, although L. Darling stated before it’s her WEAKEST platform. Going on to say her new Tumblr has more activity right now.  See Spicy Moschino for more details…


So is this it? Will the account be shut down, or just change hands in the background? Here’s our theories on the situation and why their is STILL HOPE!!!

  • @LDizzyXO loves her IG fans, however fickle they might be. She’s stated in previous interviews no matter what she appreciates the follows, even if sometimes it’s inactively.
  • IMVU™ and their OFFICIAL accounts both have a MAJOR SAY!!! The platform follows the recording artist on both. This could make things more complex.
  • Victor C. Gomez, London’s closest friend and NOW head of her creative team, had this to add to the rumor mill last night… “Dizzy is on her own wave right now. I can’t even keep up and I’m in the loop. Who knows what will be cut. I’ve seen the numbers and I voted last month to end the account, it’s served it’s purpose. She voted against the team, so.”  (Congrats Victor on the long over due promotion!!! VCG Design is responsible for a lot of the stars bigger shoots.)
  • Being the IMVU celebrity doesn’t remove her IG posts it’s become a photo timetable, personal memories. Don’t think it’d be easy to let all that progress go to waste…On the other hand shock value would be massive.



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