(Just Darling™ Gossip + PHOTO) Spicy MOSCHINO: Content Wars!!!Kissing IG Goodbye?!?!🤕🐻💋📱🌶



The London Darling Effect? Cocky or just BOLD?!?! In a “HEATED RANT” last night @LDizzyXO let it be know her Instagram might be DELETED SOON!!! The IMVU™ recording artist opened up about the rant later, further explaining some issues with the platform.  

As the Fall season gets closer certain things might take a backseat including my IG. It’d be a lie if I didn’t mention the fact my like ratio is failing and has rubbed me the wrong way. It’s the weakest link in my social media chain. Even my surprise Tumblr™ is doing better than Instagram, which only opened to the public a few days ago. I’m not in competition with ANYONE but myself. The IMVU politics are getting a bit ridiculous. Not to brag or advance my motives, but the only thing keeping the platform from crumbling is my contract with Official IMVU™ and their IG account. With content having to be filtered now 4 different ways it’s becoming more of a chore. A day ago I signed in on the computer and almost deleted it. It’s become such a headache. I don’t know what will happen in the next couple of days, I’m chatting with management Thursday. I’m aiming for a peaceful crossover with ALL parties involved. Including both sites.

On Sunday London tweeted how she almost pulled the trigger!!! (It’s likely her contracts and NOT running it through her management including Darling ENT.  was the “almost” factor.)  #KissIGGoodbye

@LDizzyXO isn’t known for doing things she’s not invested so it’s HIGHLY POSSIBLE by September the Instagram will be in autopilot. Or worse terminated. Which is definitely a loss for the IMVU™ community, being how the account is a rarity.  So will follower inactivity and a sense of being overlooked spark the detonation? Although the recording artist isn’t known for doing things for likes it’s a valid issue with new sites and platforms.

Being content wars are going on in the background, what good is a platform taking media and not producing some kind of reward? That same content can flourish elsewhere.  Of course I don’t want to delete my account, however outside my closest friends and some crushes. It’s useless.

London Darling quoted about content wars, plus adds some insight to the Instagram “dark cloud”. Just Darling™ Gossip has the deletion at about 70% percent right now.


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