(Just Darling™ Gossip) LDizzyXO™ is HERE!!! 📟💋💄👽👠📡 The EPIC Tumblr™ Return!!!!!

For sometime now London Darling has been quite vocal about needing her own personal creative space to share with fans. Being Instagram is more or less sidelined, and The Just Darling™ Blog is more gossip driven we totally understand that point. Although the IMVU celebrity isn’t AT ALL shy on Twitter. Even adding some political views into the mix. #ImpeachTrump

 On Wednesday the reveal of the exclusively updated Tumblr™ page LDizzyXO™ came!!!! Both simple and informative. Catch the quick breakdown below…


It’s only the first day and @LDizzyXO has already shaken things up!!! From OFFICIALLY making her stance on Trump clear, announcing the WOWZERS EP release date (8/25), and sharing EXCLUSIVE photos. Things are looking great so far. The simplicity of the blog adds to the personal touch. Darling gave us a quote about the ALL NEW blog.

It’s my fucking love letter I swear. It’s my circle of private yet shared comfort. I post whatever I want on my time. I don’t have guidelines or deadlines. I hope LDizzyXO™ continues to blossom. I needed an outlet to vent that was my own. It’s definitely NSFW. (Laughs) Releasing my EP date was totally random, I had the green light a week ago. It didn’t feel pressured. I’m working insanely hard right now to juggle my new schedule, new projects including my charity, and filming. The new blog is a window into the other side of my life.

Don’t forget back in 2016 the recording artist took to the social media platform and fizzled out. Shutting down the site after 3 months. While the pictures are classics in a vault somewhere, they weren’t enough to keep the blog. Things look optimistic as **** currently, LDizzyXO™ has already gained multiple followers, and much needed traffic. The star even promoted the blog on Twitter last night. Sharing unreleased photos from a Moschino™ shoot, inspiring quotes, and most shockingly….taking aim at Trump. While normally against talking politics London Darling posted this…



Are you with her or not so much?? Either way the lines in the sand are clear…



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