(Darling ENT.)🔞🎤🏜🎼🔥#SandsOfTimeTOUR Update!!! 2018 x Summer 🌞🌴🏄🎇


For me the tour starts with the room, then the stage. Followed of course by the seating. Next it’s about filling the space. Adding my personal touch and the overall vibes of the LP. Halfway through making “Sands Of Time” it became a blender project. I wanted both Hip-Hop and Pop, still holding close (pun intended) to ballads. This tour will be the most invested in to date. It’s massive in production, even including a few press shows. Next Summer is going to be a busy time for me. It’s not all bad, I still have new music that’s unaffiliated with #SOT coming out. Few singles and collaborations.

@LDarlingIMVU about upcoming 2018 tour and new music in the pipeline.

After tip toeing back into IMVU earlier today in true L. Dizzy style, including a new hair choice, then she went for the trollage. Releasing teasers for her upcoming tour!!!

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Darling ENT. Update: 2018

*We’re already making plans for the tour, being it’s still a year away things are casual right now. A few rooms have be tapped for concert use. The “Sands Pyramid” Room was selected today. (7/10/17) and will be the overall theme of the worldwide tour.

So Far…

  1. The tour is confirmed for Summer 2018, going until 2019!!! The worldwide interactive tour will be massive in size.
  2. KO The Tiger is going to be traveling with @LDizzyXO during the tour. Sometimes appearing on stage.
  3. The Manchester stretch WILL be extended, and will include exclusive music.
  4. The tour kicks off in Japan!!! Aiming for June 2018.
  5. No dates are scheduled at this time.
  6. After “The Cursse Of Lake Betty Tour” London stated in an interview she wanted to go back to AP concerts. Based on promo shoots the NSFW event will be the return of the provocative.


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