(Darling ENT.) @IMVU™ Chef Ramon x Hold Me Closer Brunch| Menu 411🍴🍳🍖🇬🇧

The Menu: 6/15/17 #HoldMeCloserBrunch

Welcome Rounds – (Mimosas, Parfaits, Berries, optional Macaroons customized to feature “Sands Of Time” tracks atop. *Omelette Bar)

Manchester Toast: By: Chef Ramon (Attendees raise a glass for the victims of recent tragedies.)

I got an email last night asking me to cook brunch for @LDarlingIMVU and some fans, I was going to pass at first to be completely honest I’d never met her. Mixed thoughts among my circle of friends left me confused. In the end I was amazed at the beauty and professionalism of London Darling throughout the event. Hopefully we can collaborate in the future!!!

Chef’s Choice – (Blueberry Cheesecake Pancakes, Smoked salmon,  Manchester Egg; *Grilled shrimp tacos)

The Hold Me Closer Course: (IMVU™ Chef Ramon makes some of @LDarlingIMVU‘s favorite dishes for fans!!!)



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