(Darling ENT.) “Hold Me Closer” OUT NOW!!!🔥🎶🔞🎨

The “Sands Of Time” album is ONLY 20 days away!!! While in Manchester over the weekend @LDarlingIMVU performed for the FIRST TIME in the country, debuting her next SOT single. The thought provoking multilayered ballad “Hold Me Closer” on which London Darling confesses to several crushes the most notable being (Riverside IMVU™), reminisces on exes, and admits ambition ruined her relationship.

  Love is set ablaze when I take center stage. Walks in Barcelona drunk wild kissing, responsibilities didn’t miss em. Soaked in passion lay me down hold me closer cosmic quiver. I open my eyes microphone in hand I deliver. Ambition ruined your pure heart in a garden of rhododendron. Kisses filled with honey now blister and entrance. All for one and me only in my limelight dance.

#HoldMeCloser Single Art
               “Hold Me Closer” Single Art via VCG. Design

London Darling bares all in NSFW single art for “Hold Me Closer” the uncensored cover exclusively available here.



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