(Darling ENT.) 🎤🎟🎼🇬🇧The “Sands Of Time” are coming to Manchester!!!

With all the pain and suffering right now I wanted my FIRST time performing in Manchester to be something special. I’ll also be meeting some fans, throwing a dinner party, inviting VIP members to a listening party, and of course taking the stage on Friday night!!! I wanted a piece of this album to be exclusive to the victims of the Manchester attacks.

London Darling on Manchester


June 14th :

4pm – 8pm – Sound Check & Dinner w/ Oliver Gold to discuss “Sands Of Time” LP.

9pm – Offline (Doing edits, updating notes.)

June 15th:

8:00am – Fan Q&A via The Just Darling™ Blog chat feature “LDizzyXO

11:00am – “Hold Me Closer” Brunch w/ VIP Fans (Closed Event)

1pm – Manchester Milestone: @LDarlingIMVU takes Just Darling™ Gossip backstage her FIRST EVER Manchester performance!!!

2:45pm-4:15pm – “Sands Of Time” Press Sampler

4:20pm – Sessions w/ Victor C. Gomez: Few blunts with my stylist & closest friend. Plus he  gets to hear “Sands Of Time” before anybody else!!! (Select VIP/AP IMVU™ users only.) 

7pm –  Final Sound Check + Wardrobe Fitting (via IMVU™ Designer: Waterfall Sounds 1)

10pm – @LDarlingIMVU : Talks Summer 2017, Makeover + Being Single (Interview via The Just Darling™ Blog Official) AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Midnight – Video Message xoxo Manchester Photo_2017-06-14_03-09-20_PMJune 16th:

6pm – Meet crew for ritual. Get Inspiration from Manchester fans…Breathe.

9pm – @LDarlingIMVU takes The O2 Arena™ IMVU™ by storm!!! Performing and DEBUTING latest “Sands of Time” track “Hold Me Closer“!!! The venue change of course is consistent with the Manchester Arena being closed.

11pm – Drinks w/ FANS: Meeting 5 lucky fans for drinks after my performance!!!

11:30pm – “Hold Me Closer” Single Release!!! #SandsOfTime (Worldwide) (Streaming)


xxx xxxx xxxx





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