(Just Darling™ Gossip) BALMAIN™ IMVU™ Photoshoot + Manchester Music!!!


Milk or sand, who cares!!! London Darling continues AP “singles trolling” in latest shoot with IMVU™ Balmain. The golden dress both stunning and revealing wowed Instagram last night in the models attempt to plug a leak. Phrasing.

The “Sands Of Time” inspired shoot took place in Los Angeles last night, due to Darling leaving for Manchester her interview was cut. However she had this to say about collaboration…

I’ve been so hesitant to work w/ Balmain™, to be honest. So many of the dresses are overused on IMVU™ I didn’t want to wear something previously modeled in. After a phone call and a picture went out of the golden dress I wanted to try it on. I fell in love with the staff and crew. Such amazing vibes the whole time, everyone was professional.


In other news the recording artist dropped major hints at new single
Hold Me Closer” being released and POSSIBLY a performance this week in Manchester. The ballad from upcoming “Sands Of Time” LP is rumored to be exclusive to UK fans, at least until the full album launch July 7th!!!



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