(Just Darling™ Official) Tech Talk: 2.1 Update

The Just Darling™ Blog is cooking up an update to help the desktop/mobile versions run smoothly. The 2.1 update will also reveal new pages, features, and content….Take a look at some details below.

2.1 Update: Release Date (2016)

The Just Darling™ Blog 2.1 Update will be 100% AD FREE!!! One of the demands of this repack was trimming the “fat”, making customized edits to the layout, and resizing the format. Slicker, and more professional!!! Readers can expect new fonts,  IMVU™ based giveaways, and more Pop Culture!!!! The blog is going to expand vastly, our team is still unclear when this update will be finalized. Parties involved are putting everything behind this project, the 2.1 update nicknamed “Be Darling” is going to push the creative team to new limits. The blog will transform into something you don’t want to miss out on. Some copyright/branding issues will be addressed in the update, including Just Darling™ Gossip moving to an independently run “outsourced” agency. The more freely written gossip articles with London Darling as their focal point are being moved, not out of conflict. It’s important to remember every component and what they provide for such a great blog, this update feels like a re-launch because it is one. Things are still in the first stages of development, however Just Darling™ Official plans to release the 2.1 update sometime AFTER September 2016.

New Features in 2.1 Update: (RELEASE DATE UNKNOWN)

  • 100% AD FREE
  • More Pop Culture
  • IMVU™ Giveaways
  • Daily Articles
  • Site moves to JustDarlingIMVU.com!!!!
  • Darling ENT. Videos (Latest Rumor)
  • Mobile/Desktop Layout Update
  • Contact Info
  • New Writers/Pages
  • Live Chat w/ London Darling
  • Interviews
  • Just Darling™ Gossip: 2017
  • Be Darling EXCLUSIVE PAGE!!!
  • and MORE!!!



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