(Sincerely Chanel™) London Darling performs at Chanel™Holiday Launch

ccb5bc7e-c3b4-453a-9595-c5be33cf475cBefore leaving Paris to focus on promoting “Lake Betty” in Los Angeles Darling gave us a MAJOR SURPRISE!!! The recording artist showed up in a simple AP Chanel IMVU™ see through gown, and black fur. (continuing not to care about being under fire by PETA?!?!) The holiday red made a certain sexy color splash, the Chanel™ RED Boot wore sold out the following day. The look selected by London’s stylist and Chanel™ IMVU™ elves dubbed “Noir Holiday”. The highlight was Darling’s post pregnancy body!!! The curvy now mother of three (Cedric Gervais IMVU™ hinted the power couple indeed had their FIRST BOY!!!)


Can you really perform a song entitled “Body High” without being? Chanel IMVU™ was honored with brand new music from London Darling, the exclusive model shared a LIVE sample of upcoming “Lake Betty” album. Do you love or loathe the Mint hair?!?! We LOVE IT!!!



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