(FILMING) “Arkham Unhinged: On Location” #BecomingIVY

Over the weekend London Darling was on location and back to filming upcoming 2016 Summer blockbuster “Arkham Unhinged” directed by Sergio Velli™ IMVU™ the pictures captured by Warner Bros. IMVU™ exclusively!!! The rebooted versions of Poison Ivy’s character had many 2015 Comic Con attendees worried the London Darling sex appeal wouldn’t be brought to life…somebody is eating crow right about now. The budding actress caught playing with an extras gas mask while props were being set up, and revealing the first glimpses of 2016’s Poison Ivy. The recording artist has been shouting out a designer SR a lot which is a bit out of London Darling’s form (see tweet), however the IMVU™ designer must have the formula because she will be featured in several upcoming projects. Including the gown London Darling wears in the ALL NEW “Dark Gems” SII Promo!!!! #DarkGemsPromo
AUFilmingBTS2The director and several actors/actresses of “Arkham Unhinged” have recently been going into overdrive gearing up for a possible press run, and the direction of the film is said to be now more “Insanely twisted” Sergio Velli™ also made sure to redirect conversation over Darling’s “Poison Ivy” by setting a stage for multiple explosions, some of Gotham’s best working together for an unethical common goal, and hinting at a possible addition to Velli’s film belt with “Suicide Squad” (For nerds it’s fun to point out Poison Ivy has teamed up the Suicide Squad in the past, and let’s face it crazy girls play best in pairs.)

London Darling is born to play Ivy, the way she holds a RPG it’s sick. I wanted this movie to be darker and more psychological, you see a lot of great explosions, Batman and Ivy have this high adrenaline face off. You get less backstory dialogue, times are changed the heroes are hunted. Poison Ivy has graduated to new heights, you see her shooting missiles. robbing a store which is a flashback in Seattle, and you also see the complex bond of Ivy’s with B-Man. Still have more to film and we can’t wait for the official full cast poster, few more surprises. Molding Clay!!!

AUFilmingBTS(Photo Credit: Warner Bros. IMVU™ : London Darling in Las Vegas filming for “Arkham Unhinged, caught getting ready for a action packed scene!!!)


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