(SNEAK PEEK) #GetCLUELESS via The Just Darling™ Blog

The Just Darling™ Blog gets ready for the upcoming release of the “Clueless Collection” which features London Darling and selected IMVU™ brands. From Moschino, Dior, VCG™ Design, to Chanel and even some Vera Wang!!! The photo shoot brought together by Terry Richardson IMVU™ throws the model back in time and into Alicia Silverstone’s Prada heels. Paying homage of course to cult classic film “Clueless” London Darling manages to successfully tackle Cher Horowitz’s essence.In other news London Darling could be planning something MAJOR for the 2015 IMVU™ MTV™ Video Music Awards!!! To that however for now we’re clueless. #VMAs2015

Seen below Terry Richardson IMVU™ gives a director’s cut glimpse inside the “Get Clueless” photo shoot, the set is currently delayed but sources claim blog viewers will have it tonight!!! (Or possibly earlier, the final touches are being made. Plus the interview was stalled for 3 hours, due to London Darling being musically bound in the UK.)  The shopping bags traded for school books and Moschino™ iPhone posing beside Beverly Hills sign. The slightly altered uniform kept the “Clueless” Alicia Silverstone feel, however made some updated changed. The Cartier™ necklace, gold grill, and overall more “bratty” allure help accurately bridge time gaps. Also London Darling personally added the white nail polish, Chanel IMVU™ pearl earrings, and GothTeddy™ backback. 

Dreads?!?!? This picture is brilliant for a couple of reasons, starting with the subtle shot at former “Clueless” star Stacy Dash!!! London Darling sporting dreadlocks, or just channeling such a film gracefully. Below L. Darling gets #Clueless with the help of Terry Richardson IMVU™!!!

Full pictures and interview coming SOON!!!! via The Just Darling™ Blog 



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