(Just Darling™ Official) IMVU™ HQ: BLOG SYNDICATION!!!

IMVU™ syndicates The Just Darling™ Blog and London Darling spotted at the Paris office mid “TOP SECRET” meeting. Things are getting more official in 2015 including the syndication of this blog, and a merge with IMVU™ official which took place earlier this morning. Going further into 2015 new features will be produced almost daily, in a greater number. We are starting to incorporate select IMVU™ designers, new original categories emerge too like “Be Darling” a way for London Darling to connect fans to her charity organization, “Item Of The Week” was one of the first categories shaved in the blog launch in January due to high request numbers from IMVU™ designers. Bringing it to life this Summer!!! Other changes will include more Pop Culture!! Music videos, a possible test run with celebrity gossip. (mixing the IMVU™ community aspect and Hollywood celebrity aspect might throw The Just Darling™ Blog off balance. Some writers are nervous about that change.) We’re aiming for close to 20 articles a day, obviously some fluffed pieces will help that goal but this expansion is going to be daring. Ads are leaving in August!!! Going premium!!! Reclaiming all rights before the planned Fall 2015 Relaunch of The Just Darling Blog.  Seen above London Darling waiting to chat with IMVU™ Official with her youngest daughter Justice Darling and temp bodyguard Melvin. (Photo via @JustDarlingOfficial)


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